Olive Oil Gift Box Olive Oil, Sea Salt & Wild Mountain Oregano

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Experience the pure tastes of nature with our handpicked gourmet set. Each item — from our first cold press extra virgin olive oil to the wild mountain herbs and sea salt — is sourced directly from the rich, sun-kissed lands of Greece. This box is not just a gift; it's a journey through the lush flavors that only true freshness can provide. Perfect for culinary enthusiasts who appreciate the finest, natural ingredients, it promises to elevate any dish with its authentic and robust flavors. Get ready to explore the true essence of nature's bounty with each delectable addition to your kitchen. Indulge in the benefits of freshness and taste the difference in your next meal. Order now and bring the spirit of Greek nature right to your table. It includes a bottle of Papa Spyros Extra Virgin Olive Oil, first cold press oil from the Giannopoulos Estate. Also featured are two jars, one containing Wild Mountain Oregano of Crete, and the other, Cretan Sea Salt from the cliffs of Balos, Crete. The set is adorned with fresh olive branches, emphasizing its natural origins.